The MCerberus® HVAC Monitoring Software System is the Back End Office application that runs on a Windows 7/8/10 environment. The Software downloads the data set for an installation and reports the current performance of the monitored system.


Back End Back End Office Software Application

delta T AC Monitoring Back End Office Software Application

The Software provides the following additional features:

  • Ability to enter and save all pertinent customer information associated with a particular installation that is being monitored.
  • Configure and set warning limits for Delta T Low Limit, Delta T High Limit, AC ON/OFF percent, Heat Rise Low Limit, Heat Rise High Limit, and Heater ON/OFF percent.
  • The Software includes a proprietary algorithm that is able to detect statistical changes in the HVAC system’s performance allowing us to detect HVAC issues early.
  • The Software includes a learning algorithm that computes the expected run time of your specific unit based on zip code and actual unit’s performance.

The MCerberus® HVAC Monitoring System provides the ability to the Contractor to identify HVAC issues early. Imagine calling your customer on the phone and telling them that their HVAC system requires service BEFORE the customer even realizes that there is a problem.