12-06-2019 11-10-35 AM

MCerberus® 400 Series HVAC Monitoring Hardware

The MCerberus® Hardware system measures the Inlet Temperature, Outlet Temperature, and Fan Current Draw (amps) every minute and stores the data to our Cloud Based MySQL Database. This data transfer and storage is completed via your WiFi Network which then allows for subsequent analysis of operating performance from a remote location such as your office. 

We provide a Back End Office program which is used to analyze and summarize the current performance of the monitored HVAC.


The MCerberus® 400 Series Hardware Kit consists of the following items:

  • Inlet Temperature sensor
  • Outlet Temperature sensor
  • Optional Room Temperature sensor
  • Current Probe
  • Water Detection Sensor
  • Optional delta P air filter monitoring kit
  • Powered by 24VAC. Unit includes optimized power conditioning capacitors allowing it to survive disrupted power for approximately three seconds.
  • Unit includes inputs to received and record thermostat cooling and heating input signals
  • Multiple WiFi antenna options are available. The MCerberus® DAQ unit (MCB-400) requires WiFi connection. Access to a local WiFi Network must be provided including access to the Internet

We invite you to CONTACT US to obtain more information with regard to this product. We also have a DEMO PROGRAM that may be downloaded and installed on your computer which allows you to analyze and view the results from our installed field units that are being monitored.